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My mission is to help 

extroverted Empaths to become

the empowered creative leaders

they were born to be.

Big Leaf
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Intuitive Life Coaching and Energy Healing

Intuitive Life Coaching helps you to alter your vision and realise your dreams by helping you tap into your intuition.


In our sessions besides focusing on traditional goal setting, I will also work with you to understand where you are giving away your energy and recognise your strengths, weaknesses and blockages.

By rooting out the source of your emotional pain and turning down the negative self-talk you will make the first step towards awakening your intuition.

We can then work together to implement techniques and mindfulness that allows you to live a more positive, happy and content life.

I will support you to change your frame of mind, realign your thinking and reassess your behaviour, so you can move forward and understand how to implement positive change through mindfulness, positive psychology.

With Intuitive Life Coaching you can safely let your guard down, you can take off the 'mask' and reconnect to your core. This will allow you to unlock ways to be joyful and create a new path in your life.

The Energy Healing is a distance healing method meaning that you don't need to be present and it typically takes place after the coaching session.


My coaching style is holistic: I always look at the client as a whole, not just the problem initially presented by them.​​ I will assess your behaviour, mood and wellbeing on a deeper, spiritual level.


Healing with Arts

As an extroverted Empath you are likely to be drawn to the Arts. Whether you create art or prefer to observe its healing properties, their importance to HSP's and Empaths is well documented. 

Healing with Arts allows you to be in the flow state, to immerse yourself without any distraction whether it's writing, painting, playing an instrument or equally if you prefer to observe, going to the theatre or to an art gallery can give you similar experience.

You don't have to be an artist to benefit from Healing with Arts. By incorporating Arts with guided imagery to our sessions it can give you the tools to naturally create a healing experience.​

Healing with Arts can be incorporated with the Intuitive Coaching sessions as part of the 1 month or the 3 months package.

Walking in Nature

Healing with Nature

I offer 'Healing with Nature' sessions as part of my Intuitive Life Coaching method in a form of Walk & Talk.

Walk & Talk is specifically effective for Empaths clients as being out in nature feels like being 'home' for them and they can open up more easily.

Being out in the fresh air has proven healing properties on it's own, and coupling it up with coaching it becomes a meditative walk which is much recommended for a calmer, clearer mind.


If you feel stuck and need a gentle nudge to move forward, the Walk & Talk sessions might be right for you.

Healing with Nature can be incorporated with the Intuitive Coaching sessions as part of the 1 month or the 3 months package.