Agnes Gomori

Intuitive Life Coach and Healer  

Hello, I'm Agnes Gomori, founder and
owner of Mindset Salon ®; an Intuitive Life Coaching and Healing practise for extroverted Empath professionals. 

As a high level Intuitive Empath, I could feel people's energy from a young age. I often sensed their thoughts too before they verbalised it themselves. This of course was overwhelming and I had to learn to shield and protect myself from energy draining. 

But the biggest challenge was to find a higher purpose which serves people and equally 

satisfies the multi-passionate, business savvy Empath Woman in me.

I had to find a way to mix my Extrovert-self who constantly has multiple creative projects on the go and needs the cultural and artistic vibrancy of  a big city (Hello London, hello arts!) with the Empath, who craves quietness and nature. (Hello countryside, hello philosophy!).

Throughout my career I coached and mentored people in various formats from talent management to motivation and performance management. I was especially passionate about helping others overcome their confidence issues and limiting self-beliefs. 

When I didn't follow my Intuition, I suffered a burnout. At first I just wanted to get better and go back to my very busy work -life schedule. When I did this, I had an even bigger burnout. This was no longer about taking some time off to recover.

I finally admitted it to myself that it's my body telling me: Slow down and change direction! Return to your core! Returning to my core meant one thing: Healing.


Healing myself and then healing others who are in a similar situation. 

From a young age creating art was part of my natural flow: writing short stories, music and poems, singing, painting, drawing, sculpting, photography and acting. I also made sure, I connected with Nature daily. 

By using these techniques, I managed to re-balance my energies between being a Creative Extrovert and an Intuitive Empath at the same time. Unconsciously, I created these grounding rituals early on and I incorporated them with meditation.

Arts and culture alongside with Nature were always a big part of my life. I noticed how healing they can be even for those who don't consider themselves creative or for those who otherwise describe themselves as 'City-wolves'. This gave me the idea to introduce Healing with Arts and Healing with Nature to my coaching methods.

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A serial entrepreneur, I started my first business as an Interior Designer and from there I ventured into small scale Property Development. I intuitively used business psychology with great results and was eager to learn more. In those days there weren't many self- development books or courses available in these topics, but I researched and read everything I could find on the subject.


I was always interested in studying human behaviour and the final piece of the jigsaw appeared while I studied Positive Psychology. I understood the importance of achieving the state of Flow in our lives; it fitted in well with my previous studies of Mindfulness, Energy Healing and NLP. All of those methods are promoting a modern approach to our overall wellbeing.


The strong desire to run my business again promoted me to create and co-create three different brands focusing on arts, music and events management. I also took on talent management and coaching.

Later on, in the last 5 years I was working in my dream daytime job in the City, where I was leading the UK Mentoring Programme and heading UK events and marketing. During that time, my passion for psychology, talent management and coaching has strongly resurfaced again and I knew that it's time to create a new venture and as a result:


Mindset Salon ® was born.


My studies related to my business:

Executive Coaching

Anxiety Coaching

Team and Group Coaching

Personal Performance Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Positive Psychology


Silva Method Mindfulness

Silva Method Energy Healing 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Healing with Arts