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Hello, I'm Agnes Gomori, a spiritual healer, intuitive coach, and artist, based in London, UK.  

Agnes Gomori - Healer and Coach
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I was born an empath and showcased high-level intuition from a young age. I would feel people’s energy, their intention and their thoughts, before they verbalised it.

I could see and feel spirits and hear divine messages from the other realms. I found it interfered with my day-to-day life and, for many years, I repressed my innate gift.

After suffering a series of burnouts, I could no longer ignore my purpose. I realised I was given this gift for a reason: to help others.

I’m a channel for divine guidance and I work with my Spirit Guides and Angels. I offer spiritual readings (including tarot and angel cards), energy healing, and intuitive coaching.

As an artist, I use my spiritual gift to create unique, customised healing artworks for my clients.

I’m a certified life coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

I studied mindfulness, energy healing, NLP, hypnotherapy, positive psychology, life coaching and executive coaching.

I have invested over two decades in my self-development, so I can give you the best experience.

All of my services are gender inclusive.

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