Hello, I'm Agnes, founder of Mindset Salon®.
As an Intuitive Life Coach and Healer,
I teach extroverted Empath professionals
to connect with their intuition. 

Become the empowered creator 
you were born to be!

Through my healing and holistic coaching,
I help you on your journey of creating a 
purposeful and joyful life.

Mindset Salon Agnes
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Welcome to Mindset Salon!

Are you an ambitious Empath professional who looks successful 'on paper' but feel deeply unfulfilled?


Do you feel ready to change directions but your lack of self-belief is stopping you?

Do you feel frustrated and guilty about procrastinating?  


I’m here to help you to overcome the barriers you unknowingly created by limiting self-talk.

Here the focus is on finding your True-Calling,  establishing your True Goal and your overall Wellbeing. ​

Because you can only give your best to others when you give the best self-care to yourself first.​

As an Intuitive Life Coach I help you to form a lasting, positive mindset by awakening your Intuition and by helping you to swap the negative self-talk to an inspiring one.

As an Energy Healer I help you to lift the energy blocks in your body and mind. The blocks which were created by holding on to the belief that you are not enough.

By applying my unique coaching and healing methods you will become calm and focused again and as a result, you will stop procrastinating.

You made the first step by recognising: You want to change. Together, we can make this an exciting journey towards a mindful and joyful life.​

Reconnect with your joyful, creative-self

by honouring your gift: your sensitivity.

My Offerings to You:

Deep Diving Coaching

A one off 90 minutes session 

1 month Intuitive Coaching

4 x 45 minutes session

3 months Intuitive Coaching

6 x 60 minutes sessions

1 month Intuitive Coaching

with Energy Healing

4 x  45 minutes coaching

4 x 15 minutes healing

3 months Intuitive Coaching  

with Energy Healing

6 x 60 minutes Coaching

6 x 15 minutes Healing

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How can I help? 


​Often, we run after our dreams and once we have reached them; we ask ourselves:


Now what?​ Is that all?

If that's how you feel, then your goal, that dream wasn't really yours. Maybe it was your parents' or your husband's, wife's or your boss’ dream.

When you look into the mirror, who do you see...?

- Do you see the person you always wanted to be as a child?


- Are you living a life which is created for you by someone else?


- Do you follow your parents’ dreams even now as an adult and not yours?


- Is that how you imagined your life will be growing up?​


If your life only looks great from the outside, but inside you're secretly crumbling, then​ it's time to take actions and decide what is really important in your life.


I'm here to help you.

With my Intuitive Life Coaching method for extroverted Empaths, you can embark on a journey to a happier, healthier, and more positive self.


I also offer distance Energy Healing and methods of Healing with Arts and Healing with Nature. Find out more here.