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Hello, I’m Agnes, founder of Mindset Salon®.
I’m a highly intuitive empath and
a spiritual channel of the Higher Wisdom.

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I’m a natural-born healer, an artist, and a certified life coach with over 20 years of professional experience.
I’m pleased to offer the following sessions:
Healing with Art

Customised Art Reading

Creative Intuitive Coaching

Healing with Divine Energy
Spiritual Reading with Tarot

Healing with Nature (Walk & Talk)

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Welcome to Mindset Salon!

Are you an ambitious Empath professional who looks successful 'on paper' but feel deeply unfulfilled?


Do you feel ready to change directions but your lack of self-belief is stopping you?

Do you feel frustrated and guilty about procrastinating?


I’m here to help you to overcome the barriers you unknowingly created by limiting self-talk.

Here the focus is on finding your True-Calling,  establishing your True Goal and your overall Wellbeing. ​

Because you can only give your best to others when you give the best self-care to yourself first.​

As an Intuitive Life Coach I help you to form a lasting, positive mindset by awakening your Intuition and by helping you to swap the negative self-talk to an inspiring one.

As an Energy Healer I help you to lift the energy blocks in your body and mind. The blocks which were created by holding on to the belief that you are not enough.

By applying my unique coaching and healing methods you will become calm and focused again and as a result, you will stop procrastinating.

You made the first step by recognising: You want to change. Together, we can make this an exciting journey towards a mindful and joyful life.​


My Offerings to You:

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"I felt confused about my work situation. I wanted to change but didn’t know which way to go next as I have many interests. Thanks to the spiritual coaching sessions with Agnes, I came to recognise my strengths and could tap into my intuition. During the sessions, Agnes passed on messages from my spirit guides, which made me feel empowered and clear on my next steps. I loved how effortlessly she combined traditional coaching with a great dose of spiritual wisdom." - Lisa


"I was making the same mistakes again and again in my relationships. I always seemed to attract men into my life who were completely broken emotionally and I wanted to fix them, leaving me totally drained. Agnes helped me identify the root of the problem and, through the sessions, and I could let go of the old beliefs of not being enough." - Catherin


"Working with Agnes made me realise my worth. For a long time, I was playing small, never allowing myself to believe that life can be kind to me too, or that I can achieve my dreams. I knew I had talents but didn’t think I could make a living out of it. With Agnes’ energy healing, this negative self-belief has been removed. I feel more alive than ever and ready to take on any challenge." - Jenny


"I came to a spiritual reading because I was frustrated with myself and wanted to find answers. I didn’t know why I felt the need to do more all the time, even though I was so tired. Agnes introduced me to a concept where I can create a more mindful life. She taught me to slow down so that I can appreciate the things I already have. I started to use a gratitude journal which really helps to calm my mind. The big lesson for me was to recognise my self-worth. Now I know I don’t need to achieve more in order to feel whole." - Esther


"For quite some time, I didn’t feel like myself. I had sleeping problems and became irritated by small things, both at home and at work. I was constantly tired and felt as if I was carrying something heavy around me. Agnes helped to remove the feeling of heaviness by doing spiritual energy cleaning. Once the negative energy has been removed, I slept like a baby again and returned to my normal self."- Maureen

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